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Resources for Parents

Psychiatry Resources for Children in Allegheny County

A short list of useful resources and places to contact in Allegheny County–compiled by the Community Care Behavioral Health Organization–for when your child needs psychiatry. See the list here.

Teachers College Smarter Parenting (and Grandparenting) Series

In a series of podcasts, the experts at Teachers College from Columbia University present information and techniques on how to navigate the early years of child development. Topics covered include: setting limits, positive discipline, risk taking, and the place of spirituality in a child.

Listen to the podcasts here.

Mental Health America

In their article, “What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health,” Mental Health America outlines various tactics for parents to identify and tend to their children’s emotional needs. Topics covered include: unconditional family love, self-confidence, play time, supportive adult figures, safe surroundings, appropriate discipline, warning signs, and seeking help.

Read the article at:

Allegheny Family Network CHATLine

Call 1-888-273-2361.

The AFN Chat Line is a confidential support line that family members can call for support. They offer resources and general information on raising children with emotional and mental health needs.

For more information, visit:

Professionals Share Messages for Parents

LEAD Pittsburgh asked many behavioral health professionals, “What one message would you give to parents regarding tending to their child’s behavioral health?” Then, we compiled the many insightful, important and helpful responses.

Read the advice shared in Messages to Parents 2016.

Talking to Children about Tragedy

In response to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, please feel free to consult the following resources (provided by the National Association of Independent Schools) to guide your conversations with your children:

Allegheny County Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Guide

The Allegheny County Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Guide is a comprehensive guide to the services offered by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health and their Bureau of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services. There are extensive lists of contact information for each of the services offered. Get the guide here.

In addition, the Allegheny County Department of Human Services also offers a parent’s guide to taking charge of your child’s mental health. Get that guide here.