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Being a voice for those with depression

Collaborating with community partners to affect positive change

Eliminating Barriers and Fighting Stigma

Important Announcement:

LEAD Pittsburgh will be winding down operations and dissolving as an organization on December 31st, 2019.

As 2019 and LEAD Pittsburgh come to an end, we have learned so much about mental health, and we realize that stigma and lack of access are barriers between treatment and wellness. We know that while it can affect people of all ages and backgrounds, depression is a treatable medical condition. We hope that you agree with the sentiment that today is a good day to talk and seek help!

LEAD’s website will be taken down after December 20th. Going forward, please consider visiting some of these similar organizations’ websites for mental health resources.

LEAD Pittsburgh
Leading Education and Awareness for Depression

LEAD Pittsburgh aims to be a voice for those living with depression and to support all through education, advocacy for increased access to treatment, reduction of stigma, and building resilience.

You Are Not Alone


of adults in America experience a mental illness at some point in their life.

by National Institute of Mental Health

of teens who seek help get better, and mental health challenges are common: 20% of all teens experience depression, anxiety of other concern before reaching adulthood.

by Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

by National Alliance of Mental Illness

Featured Resources

  • Signs & Symptoms

    Know the Signs

    The teen years can be tough on parents/caregivers and teens themselves. These years are the flash point between “dependence” and “independence,” and bring significant changes and uncertainty. When experiencing unusual feelings or behaviors, difficult relationships and common struggles, how can we know if teens are ‘just being teens,’ or if there is truly cause for concern?

    LEAD Pittsburgh’s website is meant to be a resource ...

  • Informative Websites & Links

    There’s Help All Around You

    We’re glad you saw the “Help All Around You” posters in your school!

    Information and resources are here for you to explore and learn about teen mental health. If you are ever feeling confused or worried about your mental health (or that of a friend), just know this: There’s help all around you.

  • Informative Websites & Links

    Mental Health Professionals Share Messages for Parents:

    LEAD Pittsburgh asked many behavioral health professionals, “What one message would you give to parents regarding tending to their child’s behavioral health?” Then, we compiled the many insightful, important and helpful responses.

    Read the advice shared in Messages to Parents 2016.

Featured Project

SCoRE®, LEAD’s cornerstone project, is a digital curriculum which helps develop resilience skills by covering topics such as stress management, building positive support networks, self-care and goal setting all while emphasizing the unique experience of first-year college students. High school seniors and first-year college students are the focus of this information as they prepare for and experience the transition to college.

Reel Teens TV episode on youth mental health: "Stand Together: Help and Hope"

Reel Teens panel discussion continues the conversation started in the TV episode.