LEAD Featured at Jazz Event

LEAD Pittsburgh was the featured nonprofit at the Rivers Club “Wednesday Night Live” Jazz event on May 9, 2018.  Jazz singer Jessica Lee brought together LEAD, local artist Julie Shymansky, and amazing jazz musicians and guest singers for an evening of art and music, giving LEAD the opportunity to raise awareness and educate those in attendance about depression, knowing the signs, and resilience. 

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Behavior Business Radio Show


On May 13, 2018 during Mental Health Awareness Month, LEAD Pittsburgh discussed depression, stigma, advocacy and resilience on Dan Esterly’s radio show—Behavior Business—broadcast from Point Park University’s downtown studio.  Listen to the conversation below:

Asking Your Feelings to Tea: Coffee and Connect Takeaways

This was the final Coffee and Connect of Season 2 (Season 3 to start this fall!). Patricia began by asking us to list some of our current feelings:  tired, excited, relaxed, hopeful, anxious, stressed.  These are all typical feelings at the end of a long work day.  She then asked us where we felt these feelings physically- something we don’t often realize, even though we feel it every day.  Some felt relaxed in their shoulders and lungs, some felt anxious in their stomachs, others felt stress in their head and neck.  These sensations are not new to us, yet it was interesting to connect inner-emotion with physical feeling and truly understanding the effects that our emotions can have on our bodies. 

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