The Drive to Motivate: Coffee and Connect Takeaways

This Coffee and Connect helped us to identify what specifically motivates us. After
creating a list of motivators, we were able to define which ones were internal and external.

Internal Motivators: Resilience, Energy, Interests, Passion
External Motivators: Family, Deadlines, Food

Everyone’s motivation can stem from different places, and they act on them differently
as well. The leader of this discussion, Dan Esterly, chose to combine his passion for mental
health awareness with his business savvy and introduced us to a commonly used strategic
planning technique called a “SWOT Analysis.” SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats. Each side of a poster board was used to describe Internal and
external factors in the SWOT analysis. Dan then encouraged us to find ways to flip our  Internal Weaknesses into strengths, and then use those strengths to motivate others. For example, many people who identify low self-esteem as a weakness could flip that to find the confidence that they need to succeed, and in turn use that confidence to encourage others. We also looked at our External Opportunities to find a way to take advantage of them for positive outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Create a vision board or some kind of display that will allow you to visualize your goals every day. Hang pictures of the things that you want the most, allow yourself to see that they are attainable, and it will motivate you to keep working towards your goals! When
others see your confidence and motivation, they may be motivated to do the same!