Doing More to Feel Better: Coffee and Connect Takeaways

It is easy to get lost in the after-holiday buzz of back to work or back to school chaos.  There are tasks that need to be completed, and they often take precedence over our own self-care, until we often find ourselves feeling down or depressed.  So why don’t we allow ourselves to make the time to do things for ourselves in order to feel better? 

During this Coffee and Connect, we took the time to write down some of our own “Personal Medicines,” or things that have importance and bring structure to our lives in order to feel better, such as exercise, volunteering, or a little pampering.  Then, we identified the “Active Ingredient,” the reason this activity helps us, whether it be a reward for a job well-done, or a way to stay grounded. 

All of these activities sounded great on paper, so why do they often get pushed off?  We say that “life gets in the way,” and “there aren’t enough hours in a day” to relegate time towards the things that we can truly benefit from.  Even when we identify what makes us feel good, we often come up with excuses for why we can’t do it, and we end up finding ourselves in a pit when we can’t overcome these barriers that we build for ourselves.

When we find ourselves in a situation like this, it is important to identify our own activities for self-care:

  • Something you do to feel better
  • Something you do that makes your life meaningful
  • Something you do that helps you feel good about being you
  • Something you enjoy doing on a daily basis
  • Something you do that helps you when you feel bad
  • The most important thing in your life is _________.

After identifying these forms of “Personal Medicine,” figure out their “Active Ingredient,” why they help you.  Set goals by asking yourself:

  • What is keeping me from doing this more often?
  • How can I make more time for this?

Sometimes, even just envisioning the things that make us feel better is a great way to turn those aspirations into a reality.  Making plans to incorporate these goals into your life is an active way plan for doing more for yourself in order to feel better.