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  • The Parent’s Approach to Mental Health: A Review of the Literature

    Written by: Zersha Munir

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  • Guest Writer Dan Esterly: Mental Health as a Process

    Visit Dan’s website here: www.danesterly.comWhile the conversations have been initiated, it is going to take a lot of work to end the stigma surrounding mental health.  Situations where we feel vulnerable can often trigger feelings of anxiety.  We are constantly reminded of this fear in everyday situations, such as going on a first date, and already stressing about how your issues with mental health may affect the relationship.  It is difficult to communicate these feelings to others and expect them to understand, while we often do not fully understand these feelings ourselves. Continue reading

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  • Guest Writer Dan Esterly: Going to Counseling

    Visit Dan’s website here: www.danesterly.comCounseling can be intimidating to a lot of people.  If you have never been to counseling before, you may not know what to expect and be nervous to be so vulnerable with someone who is practically a stranger.  We all know the stereotype of lying on a couch spilling your inner-most feelings while a doctor sits and nods silently.  While therapists want you to be comfortable, they also want to be engaging and helpful. Continue reading

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  • Coffee Houses as “The Third Place”

    LEAD Pittsburgh’s Zersha Munir reports on different aspects of coffee houses including community, lifestyle, social interaction, and health, all framed by the concept of “the third place.” Read the article here.Urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg speaks to the importance of public gathering places through his developed concept of “the third place.” His theory states that there are three places in a person’s life: work, home, and the third being a place of leisure outside of these two, where one can go to relax and socialize. Popular examples of “the third place” include parks, community centers, and coffee shops. Continue reading

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  • Pack Your Suitcase and Prepare Your Inner Self for the Future

    I work with young adults who are busy preparing for high school, college and life.My work focuses on helping people learn how to adapt, how to bounce back, and how to build resilience.  Resilience is adapting in the face of adversity and stress.  It means you can bounce back from difficult experiences.  Everyone finds that there are both challenges and opportunities in life, and you will need to strengthen your resilience, your ability to adjust and bounce back, so that you will be ready to respond effectively to your challenges and opportunities. Continue reading

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