LEAD January 2018 Newsletter

Happy 2018 to all LEAD Pittsburgh’s Friends and Supporters!

Our founder, Sheila Fine, wrote a short letter with an overview of our plan for 2018. Read More →

Takeaways from Our Latest Coffee & Connect

All of us face stressful transitions – relocating, new jobs, the death of a loved one, sending kids to college, and welcoming a new baby are just some examples of common transitions which can be stress inducing. In our latest event, discussed how we can become more resilient. Read more →

KDKA’s Special Report on Teen Anxiety and Depression

The Reel Teens Pittsburgh (with our support) held their Facebook Live town hall on November 9th. A panel of experts answered questions about mental health while teen moderators watched social media feedback and contributed to the conversation about their experiences with depression and anxiety.
Read more →

LEAD Pittsburgh receives Community Organization Award

We have been chosen to receive the Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award given by the Allegheny County Medical Society for our “good, steady work” to address community health. Read more →

Build a resilient workforce in 2018. LEAD Pittsburgh’s free Curriculum on Resilience Education program can help! Read more →

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