The Three SC’s of Wellness: Coffee and Connect Takeaways

Wellness is so much more than physical fitness and general health.  Mental wellness also falls into this category.  In this Coffee and Connect, we discussed the 3SC’s of Wellness: Self-Care, Self-Compassion, and Support Circles.  We often get so caught up in daily tasks that we often forget to take care of our own mental health, and we discussed why that happens and how we can combat those issues. 


  • It is important to understand your own feelings and be able to recognize where they are coming from- is it a situational feeling, or just depression? You know yourself better than anyone else, and you know what works and doesn’t work to help in each situation.
  • Feelings of defeat can often arise when we lose sight of the big picture, so setting goals can help us focus on bettering ourselves, rather than dragging through the day-to-day.


  • One phrase that came up in discussion was “Don’t should on yourself.” Despite the innuendo, this is valuable advice.  After an interaction, we often find ourselves saying “I should have said this, I should have done that.”  If we allow ourselves to dwell on these “should’s,” we will allow regret or guilt to take power over our lives. 
  • Self-compassion means accepting yourself and your own actions and allowing yourself to move on from mistakes.

Support Circles

  • We look for different levels of support based on our relationships. It can range from looking for a workout buddy and diet partner, to something more serious like mental illness or a death in the family.  These support circles can be created and dissolved and depend on the amount of trust and information we choose to disclose. 
  • It is important to avoid becoming a source of support to someone when you yourself cannot handle the burden. This creates “forced empathy,” which will not benefit either party involved.  If you feel that you cannot provide the support that someone close to you is looking for, guide them to a resource that can provide what they are looking for.