LEAD Pittsburgh’s newest program, CoRE (Curriculum on Resilience Education),  is a paper-based course designed to help employees consider their resilience factors, and build skills to enhance not only their own workplace experience but also that of the clients they serve.

CoRE is adapted from our cornerstone program—SCoRE (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education).

LEAD believes that resilience education in the workplace will help employers with staff retention—especially in environments of high stress, frequent change, intense public/client contact and burn-out potential.

LEAD also sees CoRE as complimentary to course work and practicum experiences in Social Work and Counselor Education graduate programs.

Managers who are committed to employee health and wellness, and have retention as a goal in the following types of settings might want to consider offering CoRE:

  • Medical and Behavioral Health Care settings
  • Hospice centers
  • Geriatric centers
  • First Responder workplaces
  • Companies with a robust Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Nursing Schools
  • Direct Practice and Nonprofit workplaces where Social Workers and Counselors are employed
  • MSW (Masters of Social Work) and Counselor Ed graduate programs where future Social Workers and Counselors are trained
  • Nonprofit workplaces where employees serve challenged populations
  • Community Centers
  • Local government offices such as the Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • Prisons
  • And many more…

CoRE covers five major topics: understanding resilience, life events, social connections, self-care, and goal setting. All topics will be examined through the lens of the professional world. To view the full outline of the curriculum, click here.

If interested in bringing CoRE to your workplace, contact LEAD Pittsburgh at or 412.444.3539

If interested in bringing CoRE to
your workplace, contact LEAD
Pittsburgh at
or 412.444.3539

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